Wedding & Lifestyle photographer Hannah Cummins has a passion for capturing her subjects with a unique and candid style. She’s known for her easy going personality and a relaxed relationship with people of all ages.

I  was born in Oxford, England (used to have a harsh accent!), lived on the prairies for several years and now reside on the lovely west coast of BC. My love for photography started with manual cameras, developing film and creating prints in the dark room. A few years later I switched to digital photography. I graduated from Trinity Western University in 2013. I specialize in family, portrait and wedding photography. I am also available for a limited number of destination weddings per year. Que next point…

My true love is travelling, as soon as I return from an adventure I’m planning my next one! Big or small I’m always up for exploring a new place.

Random Facts:

- I used to be travelling nanny (I love kids!!)

- I hate ice cream!

- I’ve moved houses 10 times in the last 10 years

- I’m the middle child!

- Potentially the least fashionable person I know.