We have a lot of things to be thankful for | UK Visit

As many of you know I was born and raised in England but have not been back for 13 years, until now. My Grandma has dementia and was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Thus, this trip was very timely and necessary. My dad and I flew into Heathrow airport, after a 9 ish flight and drove our rental car down south to South Brent which took approximately 4 hours. My Grandpa is a outstanding caregiver with his kindness, patience, attentiveness and chef skills. Though, it has been hard for him, rightly so, he has done a phenomenal job. It has been very nice being back home reminiscing on all the Christmas' we spent at our Grandparents place. Though physically Grandma isn't doing well, her wittiness and sass are still there! As Grandma says "We have many things to be thankful for, there are a lot worse of people then us!" Though hard to leave (especially for Grandpa!) it was nice to have spent quality time with my family and reiterated the importance of family to me.  I am home now and back in the office after a 10 hour flight and looking forward to all my upcoming sessions. Enjoy the photos from my trip. 

This first picture was taken in Ontario in Aug 2013 when I last saw my Grandparents. 

And here are the photos from my trip to the UK.


South Brent, England. 5 minutes from where my Grandparents live.


Our little rental car, always interesting driving on the other side of the road, in a manual car, with the wheel on the opposite side and in a foreign country! Dad is a champ though. 


Road leading into Grandparents courtyard.


Outside of the courtyard where Grandparents live. 


Inside of the courtyard. Grandparents live in the one with the wheel in the corner. 


Dad and Grandma.