Living Wellness Center | Whiterock

Headshots and photos are essential for a professional website or social media platforms. The Living Wellness Center in Whiterock contacted me to get some updated headshots for the practitioners. They are "A team of healthcare providers from different healing modalities who are passionate about integrated wellness and helping others. Our approach is simple: To help identify the root cause of a person’s condition; to provide a course of care that is realistic and effective; and to re-educate the whole person in an accessible way, so they can experience well being sustainably in the long term; and to do this with warmth, compassion and respect in a comfortable and supportive environment." It was so nice having the opportunity to meet so many passionate and dedicated practitioners. Workplace headshots are quick and can be done at YOUR work place. If you would like to book a session at your workplace please contact me at Here are just a few samples!