Kirsty & David | Wedding March 31st 2016

Kirsty and David have a bizzare but wonderful love story. They met via Twitter (Kirsty is apparently very in tune with her Twitter skills...). David was living in British Columbia and Kirsty was in the UK (her home). Kirsty "happened" to have a trip planned to England in the near future and decided to meet up with David. They attended a concert and officially "met" for the first time. Many, many more trips were made throughout their long distance relationship. Only 6 months ago Kirsty officially moved to BC to be with David. 

When they mentioned their wedding plans and ideas I was instantly stoked. Their venue was unique and suited their personalities so well. They got married at Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford, BC. It is a fun venue full of arcade games, mini golf, gun range, bowling and many more exciting things. We had the beautiful property essentially to ourselves to photograph bridal portraits. After the ceremony guests were given "play cards" which allowed them to play games throughout the venue. They finished the night off mingling with their guests and eating a very fitting dinner - pizza and pop! 

Kirsty and David are so well suited for each other and were such a pleasure to meet and photograph. Both their personalities are friendly, easy-going and extremely fun. I secretly really enjoyed listening to Kirsty's British accent all evening too! Check out some more sneak peaks of their wedding below: 

Venue: Castle Fun Park, Abbotsford, BC
Florist: Home made by the bride - Duct Tape!
Primary Photographer: Hannah Cummins Photography
Second Photographer: Michelle MacDonald