Samantha & Hannah | Mother Daughter

Samantha contacted me way before Christmas to do a session with her daughter Hannah. But, a chain of pour weather (tons of rain!) occurred and we ended up doing it after Christmas. We lucked out with beautiful frosty weather at sunset. Samantha is the epitome of easy going. She loves Hannah to pieces and was so relaxed the whole session. Hannah is a ball of energy and has a beautiful sass to her! She fell more times then I can count and got back up with no tears, dipped her hands in the frozen snow to eat it and full on face planted into the muddy waters of the river - and loved EVERY minute of it. She's an adventurer and Samantha encourages every moment of it. When she ended up fully engulfed in mud head to toe I said "shall we clean her up a bit before we continue?" Samantha laughed kindly and said "No, that just makes the photos. That's Hannah in all her toddler glory, mud will just be an added touch. Memories." And that we did! Prepare yourself for a lot of "muddy" photos and cheeky smiles.