Vancouver Proposal | Stanley Park

Doug and I had been in contact via email for several weeks leading up to this shoot. Him and his girlfriend live in San Diego and were coming up for a vacation to Vancouver this November. He was planning on on proposing (It was a long time coming ;) ) but needed a little help organizing it. Not being from the city you are proposing in is a little challenging to say the least - and a little nerve racking too! I had never met either of them and didn't even know what they looked like, but was up for the challenge. 

We planned to "meet" at the lighthouse at Stanley park at 3 pm. And by that I mean I came early, staked out my "spot" and pretended I was a tourist, taking picture of the lovely scenery. Doug was planning on coming to "explore" the lighthouse with his girlfriend and then ultimately propose to her right then and there. I knew instantly who they were once they arrived (he gave me sneaky picture of what his girlfriend was wearing before they left for the park). But, had to play it  cool and pretend I had no idea who they were. I stood a few feet back, pretended to photograph other things, once Doug got down on one knee I turned my attention to photographing them. 

She had no idea that I was there to photograph their big milestone. But afterwards told me she had said to Doug "That cute little girl looks like she is in a hurry." Too funny. 

Here are a few sneak peaks from the proposal and their prompt engagement session.